Broadband: Bringing Our Children Out of the Cold

They sat totally engrossed in their laptops.  Two little Black girls, unblinking as they followed the directions of their teachers.  If it weren’t for the fact that they were bundled in coats and tiny hats, you could have mistaken them for children in a classroom.  That, and the fact that they were sitting on the ground outside the doorway of a national chain.

I have spent much of my career fighting for little girls just like this to have access to broadband so they can dream big and chart their own futures.  All of my fancy words were dwarfed by a pandemic that brought this stark reality to our doorsteps. Overnight, the digital divide became a digital chasm with Grand Canyon proportions. Instead of a Homework Gap, we now have an Education Gap—no schoolwork at all—for millions of school-aged children.

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