Colby College Prepares Its $10 Million Health Plan as 2,060 Students Are Set to Arrive

Colby College students will start moving onto campus and in downtown buildings as soon as Friday, but in a much different way than they have in the past.

The 2,060 students coming to Waterville this year will already have been tested for COVID-19 before they arrive, they will again be tested in a parking lot as soon as they hit campus and then must quarantine in a dormitory until test results are returned within 24 hours. They — along with returning faculty and staff at Colby — will also be tested twice more that first week, three times the second week and two times every ensuing week.

The protocol is a significant departure from the traditional campus welcome, where students meet and greet, take part in group celebratory activities and go on wilderness trips. Each student may arrive on campus with only two people who may not enter dormitories.

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