How One Dynamic Duo Is Transforming Women’s Health On College Campuses During COVID-19

During her freshman year in college, Crystal Evuleocha began to experience unusual abdominal pain. After a few days of the pain getting worse, she went to the health center on campus, but upon finding the center closed realized she’d have to visit the next day during business hours. Not knowing what to do, she turned to what she calls “Dr. Google” to diagnose her pain.

After finding a few articles on period cramps Evuleocha self medicated. Later that night, she passed out and was rushed to an emergency room where she underwent major surgery for a condition that was totally unrelated to period cramps. “I almost lost my life because I didn’t have timely access to a specialist who could diagnose my problem and I ended up relying on Google,” Evuleocha, Kiira’s CEO expressed. 

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