Trans Postdoc Claims Psychiatrists Were Biased Against Him

“It was one of the first graduations Ron Daniels was at. I got to shake his hand. Underneath the cap and gown, I was wearing a dress. At another graduation, I was wearing a shirt and tie. It felt full circle. At Hopkins, I had gotten a bachelor’s degree and a PhD — and a new body and soul. Everything was possible here, but on the flip side, when I followed someone else’s advice blindly, it almost killed me.”

These are the words of a postdoctoral fellow at the School of Medicine (JHM), who graduated from there in 2017 and from the Whiting School of Engineering in 2010. Henry, who identifies as transgender, requested a pseudonym because he is not out to many people in his life. The News-Letter granted Henry anonymity to protect his privacy. 

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