Health Insurance Options for College Students

Health insurance is undeniably important to having access to affordable healthcare. Unfortunately, the process for getting health insurance for nonstandard students can be difficult if you don’t know what to look for; perhaps you aren’t a full-time student or you don’t work a full-time job all the time, and the more traditional methods of getting health insurance aren’t available. Even if you do not have the luxury of being included in a parental health insurance policy, you still have a few options when trying to get health insurance.

If you need a health insurance policy that is associated with the college you are attending, you need to consult the appropriate counselor at your university to discuss the issue in detail. You should first make sure you are following the process that is appropriate for your situation. This changes depending on if you are included in your parent’s health insurance policy if you are in the same state or place of residence as your parents, and if you are claimed as a dependent. The upside to not being a dependent in this scenario is that it is your income that is considered when deciding upon an appropriate health insurance policy and not your parents.       

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