Opinion: Diverse Mental Health Services Give Voice to Specific Needs

There’s a growing need for mental health services on college campuses. A new environment combined with the daily demands of jobs and a rigorous class load can cause debilitating anxiety and stress. A 2019 survey by the American College Health Association found that 65.7% of students reported they “felt overwhelming anxiety” and 45.1% said they were “so depressed that it was difficult to function” within the last 12 months. The evidence is clear — mental health issues are widespread and serious. However, there needs to be a diverse slate of offerings to address everyone’s needs.

Thankfully, the University of Georgia community has taken steps to solve the problem. Groups like The Healing Circle and La Clinica in LaK’ech address the mental health needs of underrepresented groups, ensuring no one’s voice is lost in the ongoing discussion.

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